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Beyond The Mirror

Jun 30, 2023

Today's episode of Beyond The Mirror is dedicated to exploring men's body image, the concept of the "dad bod," and strategies for improving men's relationship with food and fitness. In today's society, men face significant pressures to conform to certain body ideals, which can lead to poor self-esteem and mental...

Jun 23, 2023

Today I have a very eclectic conversation with Leah Kern ( we cover:

  • Who Leah is and why she's so passionate about intuitive eating.
  • How to use cannabis and remain intuitive with your food intake, even with "the munchies".
  • Why kid's books seem to be our first insight into diet...

Jun 16, 2023

Today I welcome on Matt Davis from The Flourishing Athlete: to talk about Intuitive Eating for the athletic population.

Matt and I share our hatred of diet culture and our love of sports and fitness. We have a great conversation about how he is adapting the IE framework...

Jun 9, 2023

Today I'm joined again by my guy, Marcus, from Mkain Coaching ( and we discuss the dark truth of before and after photos and the dangers of wrapping up your entire sense of self-worth into your physique.

Break free from your own body and food obsession here:

Jun 5, 2023

 Today I'm joined by Martinus Evans from the amazing Instagram account: who is on a mission to prove that everyone can be a runner. We talk about why he started running and what his journey is out there to prove. 

Martinus Evans has run over eight marathons since his...