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Beyond The Mirror

Mar 14, 2023

Welcome to Beyond The Mirror. 
Since its inception, this podcast has been a daily show. Revealing a short <10-minute snippet about nutrition, fitness, mindset or behaviour change.
Over the years of it running, my personal values have changed, my beliefs have changed, I've learned more knowledge, and the podcast has followed this journey through several certifications, many workshops and courses, and a ton of books and research papers.
I feel this is the mark of an evidence-based professional. One who can admit where they may have missed the mark. And also able to accept new evidence and adjust their stance where they believe it's right to do so.
And through this journey, I've come to realise where I sit in the war between diet culture and anti-diet culture.
I also believe there's definitely a middle ground to strive for, where we take actions in line with our goals and values. But where doing so is fuelled by OUR goals, not ones forced upon us by societal norms.
This is what Beyond the Mirror will explore. What is this messy middle? Is it ok to want to lose weight? If so, is it possible? And why or why not? When might it be ok to track calories? What's "diet culture" and what are health-based goals? Is it ever ok to work on your body composition? If so, how? How do we do so while developing our relationship with food and our bodies?
I believe there's a big market here for the health-focused individual who wants to become their healthiest and fittest self but who doesn't want to get lost in restriction, obsession and disordered eating.
I also wanted to be a bloke in the space discussing body image struggles, disordered eating habits, struggles with self-compassion and health-based goals, as there's still a lot of stigma around men struggling with these issues.
And this podcast will explore it.
In my desire to provide BIG value, I wanted to provide short snippets of information.
However, this became INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT to keep up with, and I found myself compromising value just to get an episode out, this isn't something I want to continue doing.
I'm a firm believer that too much information simply makes people more confused and stops them from taking action - I don't want to add to that.
As such, this podcast will be pivoting to mostly a WEEKLY SHOW, where I welcome a guest on to discuss intuitive eating, disordered eating habits, body image, health-based goals, diet culture and more.